24 November 2008

capitalism and violence

Marx argued that capitalism exploits workers into working their entire lives and never getting very far. The rich feed off of their poor workers, and the poor will become poorer and essentially always be poor.
This Marxist view has proven to be true, especially in today's world. Capitalism has made our society cut-throat. People do what they have to to survive, and hopefully raise through the ranks of the economic society.
Capitalism does instill a sense of violence in people. It is not enough to work hard anymore. It is necessary to cheat and steal and abandon values so you can prosper.
These are the reasons why insider trading and things like ENRON happen. By nature, humans are competitive, and capitalism has turned society into a group of individuals frantically clawing at money anyway they can get it.

President Obama has been criticized as having marxist views, due to his vow to close the gap between rich and poor. Although i have no idea how the redistribution of wealth works, it seems like a valid idea. Should Americans keep working and not get anywhere? Or can someone stop the insanity?

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