20 September 2009

In response to Fay's blog: What Makes Art Appealing?

In Fay's blog from 9/19, Fay wrote, "In my opinion, creation and communication is a part of our humanity. Our need to express ourselves cannot always be construed in words."

I agree in Fay's view of what makes art appealing to us as a race. Although we have poems and lyrics and other creative ways to express oneself by using words, sometimes what you need to express cannot be in words. The same goes for me and instrumental music. My favorite band lately is Explosions in the Sky, who specialize in strictly instrumental music that speaks to me more than songs that have lyrics do.

A few years ago I wouldn't have considered myself an art fan, but 3 years ago my mom bought a new house. She is a big fan of all art, from Monet to modern. My mom believes that a beautiful painting can be just what you need to make a house a home, and envoke that comfy feeling of "home" into a house, which is just what she did to our house.

And since we attend school in such an artsy area, I have visited the Clark and Moca, and numerous other museums and galleries with my mom, and my appreciation level has risen considerably.

Art is something that we need as a race in order to explain ourselves and make life that much less complicated. A painting may come out complicated because of what the artist is feeling, but if someone who's feeling mixed up sees it, it just may help.

My friend is majoring in art therapy at Simmons, and I believe in it wholeheartedly. Art therapy is a mental health profession that uses the process of creating art in order to improve and enhance someones physical, mental and emotional well being. Art therapists believe that using art to express yourself helps people resolve internal conflicts and problems, reduce stress, even raise self esteem.

So not only is art nice to look at, it can help you mentally! In this day and age, it should be hard to find someone who doesn't appreciate some sort of art in any form.

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