15 November 2009

the meaning of life essay from professor's blog: 10/4

The essay on the meaning of life is definitely complicated, however I feel as if delves pretty deep into things I have never considered. Like the essay originally states, I also considered ‘the meaning of life’ just living your life doing things that are positive for yourself, as well as others, in search of the ultimate goal, or the religious ‘eternal life’ after life. Of course, one can wonder if it is different than that, or if there is a specific reason we’re all here.

The essay continued to discuss how that it is possible for one person’s life to be more meaningful than that of their neighbors. However, the latter neighbor might feel as if they did nothing to deserve having a life that is less meaningful.

Also, having a meaningful life does not necessarily mean it was blessed in other ways, such as happiness, money, or health.

I believe that there are so many things that go into leading a meaningful life that it is hard to judge someone else’s life. Sure, someone might lead a meaningful life by curing cancer, but if someone else changed the life of just one person for the better, shouldn’t they both be credited with leading a meaningful life?

One sentence that I liked in the essay was “Although relatively few have addressed the question of whether there exists a single, primary sense of “life's meaning,” the inability to find one so far might suggest that none exists.” Therefore my question is: is the ‘meaning of life’ to each his own? If you lead a life that you believe is morally satisfying and meaningful based on your religion, or what not, is that enough? What is your definition of a meaningful life?

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