05 December 2009

Candidates for the Presidential Election 2008

Since we were talking about the candidates for art, it turned into who actually was running for President in 2008, so I looked it up since it was interesting.

Obviously, Barack Obama and John McCain for the Democratic and Republican parties respectfully, and Ralph Nader for the Independents, but the rest are quite interesting.

Bob Barr- Libertarian
Cynthia McKinney- Green Party
Chuck Baldwin- Constitution Party
Alan Keyes- American Independent
Gloria La Riva- Socialism & Liberation Party
Brian Moore- Socialist, Vermont Liberty Union
Roger Calero- Socialist Workers
Charles Jay- Boston Tea Party
Thomas Stevens- Objectivist
Gene Amondson- Prohibition Party
Jeffrey Wamboldt- We the People Party
Lanakila Washington- Humanistic Party
Ted Weill/Frank McEnulty- Reform Party
Jerry White/Bill Van Auken- Socialist Equality Party
Cody Judy- Conservative Independent
John Joseph Polachek-New Party
Bradford Lyttle-United States Pacifist Party
... just to name a few.

NOTE: The KKK did not have a candidate, they endorsed John McCain. I'm sure he was thrilled.

1) Given the amount of money and energy it takes to start a campaign, why do you think these people run? Since the odds are against them, what motivates them? Is it just to spread their opinions and hope for a few followers?

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