13 December 2009

in response to Bill

Are there morals and standards within news that should be followed on a daily basis and if so, why?

As a journalism major, I've studied such topics in my classes. Most news stations take a political lean, despite it being against journalism ethics. Whether the news organization is pressured by advertisers, politicians, or other any sort of outside pressure, it usually boils down to money.

I was admittedly naive before I took the journalism ethics class. I truthfully thought that news was gospel, and not to be disputed, but it has become obvious, especially after 9/11, that news has behind-the-scenes motivators.

Fox News boasts an impressive cast that is repeatedly accused of frightening the public and skewing their news to fit a Republican standard. Whether it's Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, or that gem Glenn Beck, Fox News is definitely not "fair and balanced."

Journalists have a "code of ethics" that they're supposed to follow while delivering the news. In a perfect world, the public would be delivered unbiased, ethically sound, complete news stories, but I really don't think that can ever happen. I think that the public should be completely informed, without censorship, but again, I feel as if it's something that once again is merely a wish, and not a possibility in the world that we live in today.

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