27 October 2009

Experience versus AN experience

Make a special occasion out of any occasion.

I really like the difference that is brought up between experience and AN experience. Days run together for me all the time. During school, you become ingrained into a schedule, and most people, myself included, find themselves doing the same things on M/W/F, and then on T/TH. However, when something extraordinary that stands out in your mind happens, say about your week, or even your school year, is then considered ‘AN experience’. That one experience has its own individual qualities that make it unique, and might even have the potential to become one of those moments you never forget.
I think it’s necessary for people to have more of those experiences, the “an experiences”. I believe that those special experiences are what truly counts when you ponder your “degree of completeness of living.”
Art plays into the completeness of living as well. Although not everyone may believe that a quality of life depends on the amount of art in your life, or the artfulness of the life you’ve had, I believe it has a major impact. The artfulness of living is what helps create more of those “an experience”.
Sometimes, there’s nothing better than feeling alive at a concert or feeling content at an art museum. Art definitely has a place in factoring the degree of the completeness of living, at least to me.

My question is simple: What has been one of those "alive" "an experience" moments for you?

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