27 October 2009

Response to Michelle's blog 10.25.

While doing research for another class I came across the phrase, "Mother Nature’s Paintbrush." What do you think this means?

I believe that Mother Nature has a paintbrush that creates those beautiful sunsets, intricate details to flowers, or even the heart-shaped spot on that dog! It’s the little details that occur in nature, and usually go unnoticed.

If we stop from our busy lives and really look around, there is beauty all over in nature. Thousands of people flock to the area for the foliage every year, and I’ve become used to it, being my third year going to school here. It wasn’t until my aunts (who are from the Midwest) flew in to visit me this year, did I really stop to look at the colors that come out. They made me go on a hike, and it renewed my ability to see the beauty of the trees in the Fall and realize why leaf-peepers sell out the hotels in the area during September and October.

It’s the same as someone who lives on the ocean. If you see it every day, it loses its majestic qualities. However, no matter how busy we become as a species, Mother Nature continues to use her paintbrush, we just have to stop and notice.

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