16 September 2008

another point..

As I re-read my last blog, another point made in class triggered in my mind. My last post seems to read almost like I'm worried I will be judged on these things when judgment day eventually rolls around. Someone stated that Catholicism seems to be about always worrying about the end. You are born, and then shoved into these rules about how to live so you can die and go to heaven. Now, I definitely don't spend everyday pondering and wringing my wrists over if God is gonna accept me into heaven after last weekend's events, or because I told my mom I would go to church if I had time, but I slept in and went to brunch instead. But when I do go to Church, or have some quiet time, these 'worries' or concerns, rather, definitely take precedence in my thoughts. So I guess this does brings us back to the original Q&A question.. Are we able to live up to God's radical rules? Or has everyone, except for maybe a few saintly people, gone to hell because of the World's current morals? What will happen on this judgment day?
**My blogs always seem to end with these wildly unanswerable questions that I wish I knew how to answer. I guess this is what being a philosophy student is all about.

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