16 September 2008

the inevitable judgment by god.

One of the questions I raised in my Q & A was something to the fact of is there one way to god? As previously blogged about, Hindu's believe they will be reincarnated, while Catholics believe if they are good, they shoot right up to heaven, with maybe a brief layover in purgatory, or if they were bad, they go to hell. I've often wondered, who's right? Will whatever we believe in happen? Obviously there is no way to actually answer this, which as a lover of fact, really bugs me sometimes, especially when I was younger. The only answer I've been given by theologists and my parents is have faith. God will take care of it.
But that brings me to another side of this for Catholics, who believe they will be judged by God in the end. I don't know much about other religions, but I'm sure there's elements of this idea in other belief systems. Now, who is God to judge? Has he loosened his criteria since the World has gotten worse in moral standards? I'm sure that there were a lot more virgins until marriage back in the day, and the number who wait has significantly dropped. Will God still hold me to this?
Raised hardcore Catholic, I went to church every Sunday with my entire family, and once on a weekday with my entire school when I attended a catholic elementary school. Since I've gone to college, I only go when I absolutely have to to please my parents, like Easter and Christmas. Like someone stated in class, I got burned out too. Too much forced church, not enough personal thought into if I really wanted to actually be a practicing Catholic. Is this something God is going to judge me on?

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