09 September 2008

random beginning thoughts on the questioning of human nature

The intro listed such questions as:
- what we are (origins)
- where we come from (nature)
- where we're going (destiny)

I believe that such questions can be debated, like in class, for an endless amount of time. I also believe thinking about these questions and questioning potential possible answers can make us stronger people and more in tune with human nature concepts.
However, a part of me is reluctant to agree that they can eventually have concrete "correct" answers. I consider these questions opinion questions. Countless variables, such as how you were raised, your stance on religion, your social and economic standings, all contribute to how you believe these questions should be answered. Who's to eventually say "YES! I've figured out human nature!"
HOWEVER, a good point brought up in class was something to the fact that maybe future generations will have a larger brain capacity and the know how to answer these seemingly unanswerable questions. I have to say that that is a possibility because who knows? But for the sake of the now, I stand that these questions are strictly opinion and open to debate based on many variables, which are different for each person.

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