09 December 2008

causal thesis

Causal Thesis is the thesis that every act and event in the universe is caused by antecedent events.
In normal speak, everything happens for a reason, or every effect has positive or negative cause. Understanding these cause and effects can help thinkers make more educated decisions. Weighing the effects, and consequential causes, can change ways of thinking. This one concept of philosophy is one that I wholeheartedly agree with. Everything does happen for a reason. The world would be depressed and chaotic if people decided that everything is decided in advance. This plays hand in hand with fate. Things happen for a reason, fate plays with the conditions, and this belief in an higher power that is controlling the main aspects of your life helps live a sane life. If you were worrying what each decision meant for your future, lives would be chaotic. Even if a person does not agree with a higher power, things still do happen by the planets, or whatever one person chooses.

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