10 December 2008

nietzche. again.

I don't know what it is about Friedrich Nietzche that I enjoy so much. Maybe because he was the rebellious bad-ass (which is my type) or maybe it's because he was just different.

First and foremost, his quote, "That which does not kill me, only makes me stronger" has been on a poster that a friend made me on my wall since freshman year, so about a year when this class started. I had no idea it was Nietzche. I will admit, shamefully, that I thought it was Kanye West, from his hit Stronger. (kind of ashamed)
Anyways, that quote has been instrumental to my life in college. I classify myself as an "awfulist". I usually think the worst is happening, or if I don't get an A my life will come crashing down around me. The truth is, nothing that horrible will happen. I won't actually die from bad grades. And since it doesn't kill me, it will actually make me stronger. Besides, I'm not really interested in graduate school, so as long as I pass through 2 and a half more years, I'm done. So what is there to really worry about?
I wholeheartedly without a doubt, love that quote. Everytime I think about it, it brings on new meaning. I guess that I should first thank Nietzche for actually coming up with it, and then thank Kanye West for resurrecting it into a hip-hop song aiding my discovery of it.

Another thing I enjoy about Nietzche is his thoughts on the meaning of life in the pojman book. He says, "My life has no aim and this is evident even from the accidental nature of its origin. That i can posit an aim for myself is another matter. But a state has no aim. We alone give it aim."

I took that as your life has no planned end. YOU make up the life for yourself, and along with a little help from fate, you shape it to your likings. It just makes me realize that the possibilities are endless. Adding to this is an element of new society as well. Back in the day my grandmother had to work in the fields, since she was a mexican immigrant. My mom grew up in a pretty bad area of Chicago, and basically just decided to be a housewife because she thought that she was not capable of something like higher education, because that is what her society around her told her. (although, since moving to massachusetts, she has gone to school in the past five years and became a chef.) Anyways, Advancements in society is letting me go to college, letting me choose my life. I am creating it. Right now, I chose to be a sports broadcaster and am studying towards that. If i change my mind, I change my mind. My life has no set plan, which is exciting.

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