10 December 2008

the future?

one of the questions that pojman raises in the last paragraph is: "Will the nature of our families change as we live longer so that there is less room on earth- and less need and desire- for children?

that question is something i have never thought about very much, but it raises a lot of interesting points and thoughts.

I have noticed that in my friend group, there is less desire for children. At least two of my close friends have no desire to have children, and would, at the most adopt. As for the rest of us, we are probably not going to have children for about another 10 years, 30 sounds like a good age. At my age, my mom already had me and my younger brother, AND was pregnant with my youngest brother. I think that there is less of a rush to have children nowadays, along with the lowered desire. Will there be tendencies for less kids per family since there is less room? Will more people just not have kids? Will another form of a type of abortion be discovered that is less tragic and more acceptable? That would also lower the child rate. Without a doubt, the population definitely will soar. We will have to become inventive to have enough resources, but i think the world can handle it.

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