09 December 2008

humanity's essence

What is the essence of all humanity? What is at the center, propelling us forward from the inside?
Some believe that Religion is the center of all reality. Plato, aristotle, and Kant all believe that reason is at the center of our essence. Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche believe that our will is the center of our essence. Two completely separate views are that of Marx and Freud. Marx holds that economics are at the center, always changing our essences. Freud believed our essence was our sexuality. Sartre said that we had no essence, we had to create one.
I agree with each philosopher in some way. I believe that our essence is made up of each of those ideals, not just one. For example, right now, I have slight belielfs in religion, while each human has reason, will, and outside forces that influence us.

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