10 December 2008

how are the two sexes related?

i found the section about the relation between men and women in the conclusion very interesting. After reading it, based on my own personal experience, I agree with Aristotle and the Conservatists. Now, I believe that all women are not made for childbearing, like they said. However, i do believe emotionally, men and women are fundamentally different. Different enough to make a difference in our human natures. Although as a female I do believe that the androgynous feminists in that we have some of the same abilities to do the same jobs, I don't agree with them wholeheartedly because sometimes women can't do a job that a man can, and vice versa. I think that Aristotle had the right idea that there are fundamental differences that in turn, affect our human natures. Although men and women may equally have the same will to live, or were both born with the same blank slate, differences develop. Differences that are important to the way the world is. If men and women were incredibly the same, the world would be boring. It's the differences that make relationships and such interesting.

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